Solid foundations rooted in the past to create the buildings of the future.

Who we are

Experience developed with Italy's largest hospital group that benefits our partners around the world.

GKSD edile is the construction arm of the GKSD Group.

Founded on the belief that today's challenges can be solved through innovative business and investment solutions, GKSD supports clients across various sectors including healthcare; legal and insurance consulting; engineering; construction; project monitoring and energy consulting.

GKSD edile specialises in the construction and maintenance of hospitals, both for the San Donato hospital Group and for third-party projects. The company was created to optimise resource allocation and develop the unique skills needed to ensure that buildings fully meet the high standards required of a modern hospital in areas such as hygiene, health, and logistics.
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Board GKSD

The expertise of GKSD Board, consisting of Kamel Ghribi (President of GKSD Holding), Paolo Rotelli (Vice President of GKSD Holding) and Marco Rotelli (Vice President of GKSD Holding) guide the company toward innovative investment and business solutions.


To construct buildings that exceed clients’ expectations in full compliance with design specifications, regulations and construction schedules that will ensure safe working conditions and attractive career opportunities in accordance with the best market standards.


Excellence and savoir-faire to generate added value.

Drawing on the strength of Italy's great building tradition, both in engineering and in the craftsmanship of construction and finishing we consistently give our best to execute projects from scratch. We are also trusted renovation and restoration specialists who can return historical buildings and sites to their former splendour and glory.


Our team provides operational excellence